About Me

Born in Denmark, raised in India, where I lived and studied for 13 years.

Moved to DK in 2002. Long story short - I studied in Struer for 3 years where I took the IBO Diploma, then had a 2 years break, where I worked for a while in Viborg and visited my family in India.
Came back and enrolled in Multimedia Design in Herning.
Got married, had a kid and joined e-Concept Development at Bussiness Academy Aarhus.

Currently looking for a job. I can work alone and in a team. I am interested in working as an intern, part time and/or full time.

At all my internships I've worked both alone and in teams.
I love the idea generation part of the project where you're throwing out all sorts of ideas, even the impossible ones and no one questions your thoughts, that's the kind of openess I am looking for at a workplace. So far the only place I found that was when I worked with Center for Digital P├Ždagogik



Send a message roop@roopk.dk or call +45 30 66 05 39